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U.S. Olympic Committee

Dr. Steven Ungerleider was appointed to the first USOC sports psychology Registry in June of 1984. This was the first panel ever set up in North America to assist elite athletes and Olympic hopefuls with mental training components such as visualization, blue-printing mapping, nutrition, and overall healthy strategies for clean competition. Ungerleider has been re-appointed to this position each quadrennium.

Ungerleider's first two books: BEYOND STRENGTH and MENTAL TRAINING were derived from his early work with Olympians and elite competitors. Beyond Strength ---written in the late 70’s was the largest survey data set of training strategies at that time.

For over 35 years, Ungerleider has consulted with a number of national governing bodies and coach/athlete forums to ensure a stable and drug free sports environment. Ungerleider was lead researcher (along with sports law expert David Ulich) in getting the proper vindication for Olympic swimmer Rick DeMont. DeMont was the gold medalist and world record holder going in the Munich games who was falsely accused of cheating due to a positive test for asthma medication.

Ungerleider now serves in several capacities with the USOC and as consultant to the International Olympic Committee. He has been involved in cultural programs, mentoring for high risk youth and the prestigious CESEP program, that encourages art and ethics for youngster around the world. Ungerleider served on the World Anti-doping education and ethics panel that assisted with fair play and understanding the doping code. Presently, Ungerleider serves on the Athletes Educational Forum to assist elite athletes with career transitions post competition.