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Creative Spirit

Expressions of Art and Sport

Creative Spirit is the fourth in our series of youth and their ideas of fair play, peer-to-peer support, and drug free sport. Youth from aroung the globe were asked to work with teachers and mentors on studying the spirit of Olympic ideals and then write or create an artistic expression. Creative spirit is the compilation of thousands of submissions of creative work----and how they see themselves developing into young healthy participants in sport and in life. The book was presented to the international sports community at the Sochi Olympics and has also received critical acclaim throughout schools nationwide.

Art opens up a world of possibilities for youth to think abstractly and foster their own creativity. The Culture, Education, Sport and Ethics Program (CESEP) promotes the benefits of art and creativity into the process of learning about sport. Dr. Steven Ungerleider helped support the publication of these pieces of youth art into books to better share these amazing pieces all over the world.  For the 2014 Winter Olympics edition, he collaborated with Art of the Olympians to create a book which includes both youth art and the art of former Olympians in "Creative Spirit: Expressions of Art and Sport."