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Dr. Arne ‘The Doping Hunter’ Ljungqvist to Receive GSD’s Prestigious Humanitarian Award in Sochi

International Anti-Doping Warrior and Chairman of the IOC’s Medical Commission to Receive Top Honors in Sochi

USA House in the Sochi Olympic Park
February 6, 2014

GSD’s Humanitarian Award was created in 2010 in an effort to honor and recognize individuals and organizations that work to preserve the values of fair play, sportsmanship and drug-free competition in the world of sports.

“This award was conceived to celebrate individuals that have stepped up to champion equality and integrity in sport,” said Dr. Steven Ungerleider, an anti-doping expert and founding trustee of GSD. “I can’t think of anyone who’s done more for the well-being of the global athletic community and the modern Olympics movement than Dr. Arne Ljungqvist.”

“Given that it’s an Olympic year, Dr. Ljungvist was a natural pick for our Humanitarian Award,” added David Ulich, executive board member of GSD. “Arne has been on the frontlines of the international clean sports movement since the early ‘70s and continues to be a thought leader in creating positive change, regardless of financial or scientific limitations.”

Previous Humanitarian Award winners include former Olympian Richard W. Pound (2010) whom many have credited with saving the Olympic Movement; and President of the International Paralympic Committee, Sir Philip Craven (2012).

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About Dr. Arne Ljungqvist:

Professor Arne Ljungqvist is a cancer doctor, scientist, medical professor, high jumper and sports manager. He has devoted his life to the service of medicine and sport and has become one of the world’s most respected names in international sports management. In addition to being a Swedish high jump champion and a participate in the Helsinki 1952 Olympics, Arne Ljungqvist currently serves as the vice chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and chairman of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Medical Commission. For more information, please visit