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Cast of a Dark Cloud

Lisa Dillman
Los Angeles Times
April 22, 2001

Concern and interest about the Touretski case is not limited to Australia. Dr. Steven Ungerleider, an American psychologist and author, just has completed a book to be released next month, "Faust's Gold: Inside the East German Doping Machine." The book details the revelations of the legal proceedings against former German Democratic Republic (GDR) coaches, doctors and sports officials who confessed to conducting "ruthless and destructive medical experiments" on young Olympic caliber athletes at training camps. "It looks rather suspicious," Ungerleider said of the Australian case. "We don't know for sure. These are allegations. At first blush, it looks very suspicious that he's the coach of these very prominent swimmers. It's very unfortunate. It does cast a very dark cloud over the program. It would be very disturbing if it turns out some of the kids were actually using [drugs] and bypassing the drug tests or somehow masking them..."