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Cathy Harasta
Dallas Morning News
November 2001

University of Texas graduate Dr. Steven Ungerleider, a sports psychologist and Olympics expert, predicted the Salt Lake City Games will have their share of doping revelations despite a new drug testing regimen. "We still have pockets of doping around the world," said Ungerleider, who recently visited Austin to promote his new book, Faust's Gold: Inside the East German Doping Machine.  "This will bear out in Salt Lake, as well. I don't think much has changed. The testing is more sophisticated, but for every talented scientist, there are athletes who know as much about the pharmacology as the experts." Though security matters have eclipsed all else in the buildup to these Winter Games, Ungerleider said the drug issue continues to erode the Olympics' image.  "There's cynicism," he said. "The International Olympic Committee has never acknowledged the German doping situation. They need to step forward and acknowledge that it happened, and apologize." Ungerleider's book explores the German Democratic Republic's secret plan that systematically fed performance enhancing drugs to more than 10,000 young athletes for almost 40 years.  Ungerleider is not without experience. When he was competing in gymnastics for UT, Ungerleider used to campaign for his sport's status by knocking heads with a Longhorns icon. "I used to fight with Darrell Royal," Ungerleider said.