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A Chilling Comparison

Süddeutsche Zeitung
February 2004

Much of the same thinking is echoed by Rene Wenzel and Angus Fraser, the coach and masseur, respectively, of the 1990 US junior cycling team, who are charged by Strock and Kaiter of facilitating the use of banned substances on the young cyclists. In a chilling comparison, Steven Ungerleider, a psychologist hired by Strock's lawyers and the author of a book on the abuses of drugs in the German Democratic Republic, "Faust's Gold: Inside the East German Doping Machine", compares what happened to Strock and Kaiter to what was done to young athletes in the GDR. "Young athletes are typically vulnerable and very susceptible to the 'power and authority' of their coach/mentor," says Ungerleider."Often coaches will promise winning outcomes if they only follow very specific training techniques, behavior patterns, and dietary strategies.