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A Renewed Look

Obituary of Manfred Ewald
Los Angeles Times
October 22, 2002

The IOC has consistently declined to rewrite history to award Babashoff, for instance, the gold medals she would have won if the East Germans had not been cheating. In the aftermath of the judging scandal at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, which resulted in duplicate golds being awarded to the Canadian and Russian pairs skaters, some have called for a renewed look at the results from Games dominated by East Germany. Steven Ungerleider, a sports psychologist whose 2001 book "Faust's Gold" recounts the German doping trials, suggested Wednesday that the IOC need not "rewrite history and give Shirley, for instance, her medals."  "But what [the IOC] does need to do is apologize apologize to all the American ladies and all the others who got beaten up here," he said.