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Skeletons in the Closet

Mark Eammons
San Jose Mercury News
October 2003

Steven Ungerleider, a research psychologist who wrote the book "Faust's Gold" about the East German doping program, said others eagerly accept those offers. "There are labs all over the world where athletes can call a 1 800 number and say, 'Can you run a urine test for me because I've got a competition this weekend and I need to know if I'll pass it,'" Ungerleider said. "They're very sophisticated and this is their business, 24/7." Ungerleider recalled that when he was writing his book about the East German program, many of the doctors involved warned him that America wasn't so innocent, either. "They always said, 'Someday soon, there will be skeletons dropping out of your closet,'" Ungerleider said." 'You will find a lot of your doctors and coaches have been doping for years.' I've been thinking about that a lot in the last week."